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ActivTrak 2.3

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ActivTrak is an employee monitoring software for your corporate network.

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7 / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista

By tracking application and web usage on your company's workstations, it allows you to answer the question - "Who's doing what and for how long."

Invisible client

Using an invisible client, time used in a given application will be monitored. This means that the program that is actively in use on the client machine will be recorded, including keyboard input and mouse movement. ActivTrak will record the application name, actual activity in that program. Unlike firewalls, this gives you a journal like activity, not just blocking websites, but actually showing what is happening on the desktop. For example, if a user is editing home movies, you can track this and advise them to follow acceptable use policies. A firewall would have no impact on such an activity. It isnt just what a user browses to on the internet, but the actual programs they use that represents their productivity.

Unusual behavior alerting

By using alerts to monitor unusual behavior, it is possible to notify end users of violations to their normal working activity. While some non-work related activity is expected (and studies have proved that non-work related activities are typically high), certain activities simply have to be prohibited to prevent legal issues or costs to the company.

Remote screen viewing

While not every instance of a violation requires attention, if something truly unusual has been alerted, it may be necessary to see what is going on. This is especially useful when employees are using a VPN connection into your network. If suspicious activities are occurring, you may need to take a closer look, and thereby prevent potential loss or damage to your company.

Chat to end users

In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for you to intervene directly and notify a user that their activity is being monitored and that they should desist from the activities they have undertaken. Using the remote chat capability, it is possible to send a quick note to modify the activity of the user. This can make a huge difference if the employee is in fact not using the computer. When remote workers have a laptop at home, they may allow family members to use the computer when they are not working. By sending a quick chat message, prevention of unintended use can be stopped almost immediately.