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CryptoSidekick 2.1

file size: 3.52 MB

You don't have to be an encryption expert in order to be able to perform common encryption tasks.

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7 / XP / 2003 / Vista

CryptoSidekick has easy to use facilities to generate and manage private and public 2048-bit RSA keys, 256-bit strong AES encryption, encrypting, and decrypting text and files, creating and extracting encrypted archives, and digitally signing and verifying documents. CryptoSidekick implements its own convenient secure e-mail clients.

CryptoSidekick even has its own secure categorized notebook, where you can keep your sensitive information protected by password and strong 256-bit AES encryption. With CryptoSidekick you can create secure vaults on virtually any media, e.g. USB, network drives, RAM disks, and securely shred files with included file shredder. A convenient tabbed CryptoSidekick GUI makes all those encryption tasks just a mouse click away. And it's always at hand in the Windows Taskbar tray.