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Amphis Customer 3.0.139

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Amphis Customer is a Contact Management, Invoicing, Jobs and CRM Software package designed to make it easy to manage your Contacts and Appointments, create Quotes, Estimates and Invoices, and manage your Jobs.

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60 Days
7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista / 8

<p> Keep in touch with your Contacts using Email, SMS Messages, VoIP, Mail Merge, Customer Letters with Envelopes or Address Labels. <p> Appointments are displayed per person on an Appointments View. <p> Reminders such as Callback Reminders are displayed per person on a Today View along with Tasks and Appointments for today and Invoices that are due. <p> Quotes and Invoices can be created in seconds as simple paragraphs or as items selected from a Parts database. <p> Invoices are automatically tracked. Payment Reminders and Statements can be sent at the click of a button. <p> Manage your work with Jobs and Job Sheets and assign Jobs to specific People. Email Job Sheets to Engineers or add them to Shared Outlook Calendars. Jobs can be linked to Invoices, Quotes, Appointments, Tasks, Receipts and Expenses etc to organize the Customer History. <p> Email Marketing, Mail Merge and Bulk SMS all enable targeted messages to a Group of Contacts at a time. <p> All customer data and documents are stored in one place. <p> Notes about a Customer can be easily created and retrieved. <p> All correspondence is automatically stored in the Customer History for each customer. <p> Amphis Customer can be used by a single user or multiple users on an Office network. <p> Document templates are simple Microsoft Word documents and you can easily add your business details and letterhead or logo. <p> Integration with Outlook for Email, Appointments and Tasks including Outlook Reminders. <p> Supplier details can be stored as well as Supplier Invoices, Payments and Credit Notes. Purchase Orders can be created and printed or Emailed to Suppliers. <p> A Parts database can store items that you sell. Quotes and Invoices can be created by selecting items from the database. <p> Amphis Customer is customizable with custom fields to store data specific to your business. <p> Custom Reports can generate the information your business needs. <p> Amphis Customer works with any single currency and is used world-wide including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, India, Spain, France, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. <p> Amphis Customer reached the Final for a CRM Award in the Software Satisfaction Awards 2011 and 2012. <p> You can Download a Free 60 Day Trial from the Amphis Software web site. No registration or credit cards are required.