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CU2-Bot 1.5.0

file size: 9.41 MB

CU2 Reads Web pages, Documents or any Text you drag onto it's form or copy to the clipboard with built-in Text-To-Speech capability!

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Access Online Searches: Auctions (EBay, Bidz ...) Language Translators(World Lingo, AltaVista ...) Dictionaries (, Oxford, Cambridge ...) Images and Videos (Google, Yahoo ...) Maps (Yahoo, Mapquest, MultiMaps ...)

Hit the hotkey, type your search and CU2 launches your browser, automatically displaying your results in the search engine of your choice ! You can even automate your web searches to contain preconfigured values!

Launch MS Word or Excel or Outlook in two key strokes! CU2 means that you don't have to open a Dos window in order to work with the command line.

Never hunt-and-click again trying to find a shortcut or file!

Now anyone can create their own custom Skins on the fly.