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AutoDEM 1.6.2b

file size: 27.58 MB

This is a program for creating digital elevation models from scanned topographic maps.

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2k / XP / 2003
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Multiple layers interface to manage original map, extracted contours, elevation grids and 3D mesh. It includes common image editing tools such as zoom, hand, selection, pen, eraser and floodfill. You can import and export from a lot of file formats (USGS DEM, BT, Terragen, Raw Matrix - ASCII, 3DEM etc.) or import map and DEM from WMS servers. Build up a plug-in based architecture through a DLL mechanism. It also provides contour lines extraction from map through difference filters, and contour lines reconstruction. Contour lines interpolation with different methods like geodesic distances, partial differential equations, inverse distance weighted averaging, radial basis functions and kriging are supported. An embossing filter and a real time 3D terrain viewer to preview the terrain rendering is included.