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Audit Management System 2.2

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This software helps you manage your auditing against up to three documented system standards simultaneously.

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30 days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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Reports can be e-mailed. You can define the clauses of the standard (ISO 9001: 2000 is already loaded) and you can assign clauses to departments, functions or processes. An ISO 14001 template is available. You can set up typical auditing questions for each standard and also assign specific questions to each clause.

You build up a complete audit plan and publish it in electronic or paper format. The audit plan can then be logged, tracked and reported to completion. Discrepancies, observations and their preventive actions are loaded back in to the system.

You can repeat the audit plan for the next audit period, with new audit numbers. To meet ISO 9001: 2000, you can define a root cause for each discrepancy, resulting in charts of root causes against standards, audit periods or departments/functions/processes.


    MS Access 97, 2000 or 2002