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WinCAGI 5.2.15

file size: 12.75 MB

This food service point-of-sale tool tracks students, teachers and guests.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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It contains information about meal cost, which meals each person is served, advance payments, charges, and balances owed.

You can import student data in ASCII text file format from your student data management program. Each school year's data is stored in a separate folder to maintain a student's account history from year to year.

You can serve breakfast, lunch or a snack, and search by ID number or student name. Student IDs can be entered on the keyboard, scanned with barcode scanners, or the student can enter his ID number using a keypad.

This can also print barcode student IDs with pictures, and student pictures can be displayed on the serving screen. Only one reimbursable breakfast and lunch is allowed for each student per day. Deposits can be entered in the serving line to active accounts while meals are being served or by using a special deposit entry screen.

Family accounts and tracking of Federal Food Lunch Program eligibility applications are included.