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DzSoft Mail Check 3.3

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This is a program that will check to see if you have new messages on your POP3 e-mail accounts.

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30 days
98 / NT / 2k / Me
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The program sits as an icon in your system tray, and it will periodically check your e-mail accounts for new mail at whatever interval you select. If there are any new e-mail messages waiting for you, the program's icon will change to alert you. You can then click on the tray icon to view a list of new messages.

It lets you delete unwanted e-mail messages from your POP3 server before you retrieve them with your e-mail client. It supports an unlimited number of POP3 accounts, and it has an anti-spam features to help reduce the amount of spam that you receive. It can also help protect you from the I-Worm.Sircam virus, which is an Internet worm spread through e-mail. This program supports skins.