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Documents Protector Workgroup 1.7

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Documents Protector is document security management software that implement discovery, alerting and blocking of documents that includes protected words or phrases.

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30 Days
7 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 10 / 2008 Server / 2012 Server / 8

The software helps to secure IT environments from writing sensitive data to documents. The Workgroup version supports 10 computers.

Documents Protector can be installed through the software management console or through any 3rd party deployment system by using the software deployment MSI package. The computers protected folders and phrases can be set through the software document security management console to global or individual computers. Its powerful engine can protect any number of computers and monitor the protected computers for active document security protection. The software provides easy-to-use network administration interface including auto discovery, auto scanning, reports, actions, exporting capabilities and database support. The software also collects document security events and configuration changes that help network administrators to track and maintain the protected computers activity.

Documents Protector key features: Provide document security using restricted words and phrases. Implements document security protection to selected folders and phrases. Secure organization confidential and sensitive documents from information theft. Support automatic active protection discovery and scanning of protected computers. Support multiple redundant servers including first available or first responsive options. Support multiple document formats including PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, compressed and textual. Support protected documents quarantine folder and client notification message. Support client protection service unstoppable mode option. Support automatic actions and exporting capabilities. Support remote control administration permissions. Support enhanced statistics and reports.