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Citrus Cycle Invoicer 2.0.0

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Citrus Cycle Invoicer is a program designed for those companies providing Services for a Set Fee on a continuing basis.

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Examples Cable Television, Storage Unit Facility, Parking Garage, Club Membership, or HomeOwners Association. To Begin With Create a list of Services you offer, along with an associated fee for each. (Also, create any items you might sell as well) When you create a Customer Record, you select the Service once from a drop down list. You can amend the Service Info by using the For field. You select the Billing Frequency (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually) and the 1st Month the billing will be processed. Example: The Service might be 10 X 20 Storage Unit, and the For field is Unit #10, with Monthly Billing commencing in June. Cycle Billing Select Create Invoices and/or Statement Entries from the main menu. The Cycle invoicing screen appears. Select the Invoicing Cycle Type (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually or All) Select the Billing Month and the grid will be populated with all accounts where billing for the selected month is required. If you have created Sales Items, the Add Items Menu will be available. You might use this feature if you added chemicals, a filter or some other sales item during a billing cycle. The items added will apply to all accounts selected. Only select the accounts where this applies. Create Invoices and then reselect all other account where Add Items is not required. You can select to print invoices, check the Print Invoices box or only enter account records (add to statements) by unchecking the Print Invoices box. An Account Billing Record is created for each selected account. Other Features are: Enter Account Payments Create a Service Contract View Account History