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Magic Vocal Remover

file size: 4.86 MB

Stop wasting time or paying for karaoke tracks, you can remove vocals from UNLIMITED number of songs with our Magic Vocal Remover

Features Remove vocal from any MP3 Fast conversion speed User friendly interface Free trial Remove vocals from your music in a few clicks Find a MP3 song you've downloaded from the internet, purchased from iTunes or converted from CD.

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7 / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista

Using Magic Vocal Remover, we will reduce or remove vocals from your music. Magic Vocal Remover comes with advanced sound processing technology, center vocals from your music will be stripped away, leaving only the background music. Vocals with echo will be reduced dramatically. After the vocals are removed from the music, you can save the music to a new CD or your MP3 player, then use it in your karaoke machine and CD player.